Who are we? Who are you?

Ok, fine. We are the moon. We are three ladies in an attic knitting the world into being, though, strictly speaking, one of us is spinning the yarn, one of us is knitting, and one of us is unraveling the whole damn thing. Or we are a band of brothers, seven or so, who wander in and out of stories, causing trouble, falling in love, then off we pop to the next adventure. We are foxes, wolves, and mermaids stuck in waiting rooms, waiting on doctors and dentists, with magic in our bones, and a grocery list tying us to earth.

Sometimes, we are paper cranes making nests in the state park, waiting for the wind to turn. Sometimes we are pirates attending night school, trying to pay the bills.

Maybe, just maybe, we are a group of friends that thought we might like to share our love of incredible magical realism stories with the world, and are just a little bit mad enough to try and make this big crazy thing work. You can pick, and we’ll be here, anxiously  waiting to read your words .


The F/FEM Fatales