Submission Manuscript Guidelines

Please Put Your Title at the Top Bold Font

You don’t have to indent your first paragraph lines, because we do not indent them on the website layout. However, if you happen to copy and past your manuscript from another document, there’s no need to remove paragraph indentation.

We do try to make sure that all other formatting is honored in the final product on the website though, including special indentations, italics, and bold text. Please do not underline for italics.

We are not able to accommodate different font sizing. We prefer that you use 12pt font when you submit. We’re not sticklers for font, but using Arial or Times New Roman makes it easier on our readers and editors. All manuscripts submitted in Comic Sans, Wingdings, or cursive fonts will be ceremonially burned. We would also request single spaces after periods, rather than double.


When separating a section in your story, please use three, center spaced stars, if you’re feeling generous. Otherwise we will happily update section break identifiers as part of final layout. Again, we don’t want this to be difficult, if you’re copy and pasting from another document. The key things to remember are:

  • 12pt font
  • Arial or Times New Roman
  • Double spacing
  • Do not underline italics

Thank you for your consideration!