Who are we? Who are you?

Ok, fine. We are the moon. We are three ladies in an attic knitting the world into being, though, strictly speaking, one of us is spinning the yarn, one of us is knitting, and one of us is unraveling the whole damn thing. Or we are a band of brothers, seven or so, who wander in and out of stories, causing trouble, falling in love, then off we pop to the next adventure. We are foxes, wolves, and mermaids stuck in waiting rooms, waiting on doctors and dentists, with magic in our bones, and a grocery list tying us to earth.

Sometimes, we are paper cranes making nests in the state park, waiting for the wind to turn. Sometimes we are pirates attending night school, trying to pay the bills.

Maybe, just maybe, we are a group of friends that thought we might like to share our love of incredible magical realism stories with the world, and are just a little bit mad enough to try and make this big crazy thing work. You can pick, and we’ll be here, anxiously waiting to read your words.


The F/FEM Fatales

Ani King, Editor in Chief

Ani is the Fonz and Ani is not the Fonz, but Ani is, somehow, all things Fonzarelli. Her cheesecake is mostly hydrogen and her bones are made of Cretaceous herpetology. When she isn’t editing Syntax and Salt, she is Storm King, Lord of the Northern Marches. Look upon her works, ye mighty, and despair. Ani can be found at thebittenlip.com

Chelsea Hanna Cohen, Managing Editor

Chelsea is a mythical creature who suffers from time dilation due to constant faster-than-light travel. She lives in a houseplant in Jamaica and dances on water. No creature, great or small has ever been as gloriously organized as Chelsea. They don’t even try now.

Sera Flynn, Interpretive Dancer

Does Sera eat kiwi, or does kiwi eat Sera? Either way, her guitar strings are butter. She lives on an island fashioned with spaghetti, and her heart is big, like a Fijian. At the age of twenty three, she was the first woman to row across a Starbucks. She is made of taffy.

Jennifer Todhunter, Bee Paramedic

Jennifer cultivates bees, and happiness, and is responsible for the creation of gravitational waves. Her generosity is matched only by her collection of all of the colors of the wind. She was once named ‘Simba’ by a monkey with a stick. Find her at www.foxbane.ca

Georgene Smith Goodin, Venus with Arms

Georgene ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a giver of life, a protector of children, and has an ass made of marshmallow biscuits. Her meatlovers pizza is a carpet of fixed-rate mortgage, and when she dances, she dances as if she were nude on Venus. She is a baseball cap, and lives with her husband in a shoebox made of cool. Georgene can be found at georgenesmithgoodin.blogspot.com.

Victoria Ellison, and Don’t Forget It

Victoria learned to read by eating all of the Grapes of Wrath, and has since become a tiny John Steinbeck. She lives on the cusp of a black hole and smells like Vanilla. She professionally wrestles under the name ‘Will and Jaden Smith’’.

Elizabeth Archer, Queen, Thank You Very Much

Elizabeth was crowned Queen in 1842 and has ruled peacefully ever since. Her reign has been characterised by her quick wit, warm heart, and the execution of the Cheetos cheetah, who never called her back

D.A. Gray, Ship Sailing, Poet Magician

D.A. is anchored on Mars, but studies on Saturn or the Moon, depending on the weather. In his free time, D.A. grows a garden full of feelings and words for his community. You can also find D.A. at www.dagray.net.

Biographies courtesy of Robin White, Beard-Haver

Robin is technically a ghost, but he doesn’t believe in the supernatural and prefers to stick to the science of things, thank you very much. He lives in a billygoat beard and vacations in a stack of books.