From the Editor’s Desk: The 2017 Staff Issue

Prior to forming Syntax & Salt: Stories, I had the privilege of working with each person on staff as a writer, on Scribophile, a writing critique platform. Through various groups, contests, and story critiquing, we formed a group focused on developing our skills as writers of magical realism and other speculative or experimental forms. To make a long story short, we decided to work together on promoting and publishing work by other writers with a similar passion for magical realism, and eventually extended that to speculative fiction as a whole.

It has been an incredible pleasure. Each of these people is a wonderful writer in their own right, and I felt compelled to showcase representative work so that you, our readers, supporters, and future submitters, get to see a little more of who we are, and hopefully glean how that made our decision to launch this little labor of love we call a magazine an easy one.

If you’ve been following along since we launched last year you’ve already seen work by Jennifer Todhunter and Chelsea Hanna Cohen, and I’m going to assume you loved it because you are discerning readers who recognize outstanding quality. On March 20, you’ll have the opportunity to see a wider range of our differences in style and composition, as well as our affinities, our shared passion for storytelling. My greatest hope is that you will enjoy reading our work as much as we love reading the submissions that come in and the excellent work that so many other small literary magazines present.

Thank you for reading and supporting Syntax & Salt: Stories,

Ani King, EIC

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