Genesis by Brynn McCall

Brynn McCall is a high school student from Denver, Colorado with an endless file of unfinished work. She loves poetry and graphic novels, and is hoping that capes soon come back into style. Find updates or future works on her blog.

In the beginning, there was rust and oil and her
hands wrapped around her own throat,
constricting like a snake. They will not notice
the half eaten apples in the garden when
their eyes are met by those splendid purple
bruises, blossoming like blood-soaked peonies.
The most beautiful thing she has ever owned.

In the beginning,      he
     wrapped round
    like a snake.
the       apples in the garden

 blossoming like
   a     thing  he owned.

In the beginning, there was rust
around her  throat,
  They will not notice
their eyes are    splendid

In the beginning, there was

  a snake
     half eaten          in the garden