Fashion by Genelle Chaconas

It moves across your skin as though alive. The pelts, stitched neatly together as a single taut piece of elaborate fabric, squeezing, constricting, tighter, breathing vibrant gentle and alive. You flex under it,  feel it flex back. One hundred percent organic and costs it. Admire how it clings to every curve. You move to ease it off again, but can’t.

 It’s constricting, alive.


Genelle Chaconas is nonbinary gendered, queer, an abuse survivor, has mood disorders, and feels proud. They earned a BA in Creative Writing from CSUS in 2009, an MFA in Writing & Poetics from Naropa University in 2015, and 50k of debt. They’ve been published lots but don’t namedrop. Their chapbooks include Fallout Saints and Dirty Pictures (little m press, 2011) and Yet Wave (the Lune, 2017). They serve as head editor for HockSpitSlurp Literary Magazine. They enjoy scifi and gangster flix, drone/noise/industrial music, and long walks off short piers.